Fin&Lil was founded in Nashville, Tennessee in late 2011 by animal and nature lovers.  It was their appreciation of animals, both domestic and wild, that fueled the idea behind Fin&Lil.

We believe in creating simplistic and stylish designs that integrate into your unique environment – pet accessories that accent the sophisticated homeowner.  Desk and stationery items that you don’t want to hide in a drawer.  Accent pillows and kitchen accessories that finish off a room.  It’s about bringing the outside in and loving to show it off.

While creating a dream palette of products, Fin&Lil also fulfills a role in animal and nature welfare.  Fin&Lil makes it a point to give back to what gives so much to the brand.  Annual donations and various events like the “February: Spread the Love” pet food drive for a local shelter, gives meaning to what the Fin&Lil brand is about.  The name is derived from the company’s rescued dogs, Finnegan & Lily.  While providing products to a vast customer clientele, Fin&Lil is raising awareness for various welfare causes one person at a time.  While it is the goal of Fin&Lil to provide luxury quality to pet owners, homeowners and design snobs everywhere, it is their ultimate goal to contribute protection & compassion to the beautiful creatures and stunning landscapes that the world has to offer.

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